A.I. Conveyor Belt Workshop




Description Artificial Intelligence can be applied in various industry. Package tracking in logistic industry is one of the examples. It can be used to perform automatic classification on the package destination and evaluate the product condition.
Learning Outcomes On completion of the workshop, learners are expected to be able to:
  1. Understand the application of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) 
  2. Gain insights into real-world case studies showcasing the implementation of smart technologies in the logistics industry.
  3. Acquire knowledge and skills in using Teachable Machine
Contact Hours
  • 5 hours
Learning Contents Section 1
  1. Case Study of Smart Technology in Logistics Industry
  2. Teachable Machine
  3. Introduction to micro:bit Programming
  4. Motor Control
Section 2
  1. Serial Communication
  2. Deployment of Customized A.I. Model in p5.js Web Interface
  3. Conveyor belt control with micro:bit and p5.js
Supporting Tools
  • Laptop/PC with Windows 10 or above x 1
  • micro:bit x 1
  • Robot:bit x 1
  • USB Webcam x 1
  • Conveyor Belt Model x 1
  • Image of Packages x 2
  • Micro USB Cable x 1