Digital Twins in Robotic Automation Workshop




Description Digital twins are virtual models of physical objects which is to simulate and analyse their behaviour in digital environment. A digital twin of robotic arm is to identify and visualize the potential problems when it operates.
Learning Outcomes On completion of the workshop, learners are expected to be able to:
  1. Understand the concept of digital twins.
  2. Develop programming skills specific to robotic arms.
  3. Gain an introduction to Unity programming.
  4. Learn how to establish serial communication between micro:bit and Unity, enabling data transfer and interaction between the two platforms.
Contact Hours
  •  5 - 6 hours

Learning Contents  



Section 1

  • Introduction to Digital Twins
  • Introduction to micro:bit programming 
  • Robotic Arm Programming
  • Serial Communication in micro:bit

Section 2

  • Introduction to Unity Programming
  • Serial Communication with Unity
  • Digital Twins in Robotic Automation with Unity
Supporting Tools
  • Laptop/PC with Windows 10 or above x 1
  • Unity 2021.3.5
  • micro:bit x 2
  • Robot:bit x 1
  • Robot Arm x 1
  • Micro USB Cable x 1