Smart Service-on-Demand Escalator Workshop



Description Under the impact from global economy and climate change, the importance of ESG is increasing. The workshop aims to explore possibilities in energy saving by designing a smart escalator system to minimize the energy usage of the facilities.
Learning Outcomes On completion of the workshop, learners are expected to be able to:
  1. Understand the concept of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) development.
  2. Explore the possibilities of energy-saving solutions.
  3. Develop the skills to control motors.
Contact Hours
  • 2 – 3 hours
Learning Contents
  • Introduction to ESG Development
  • Introduction to micro:bit Programming
  • Motor Control
Supporting Tools
  • Laptop/PC with Windows 10 or above x 1
  • micro:bit x 1
  • Robot:bit x 1
  • Escalator Model x 1
  • IR Sensor x 2
  • Dupont Wire (Female-to-Female) x 8
  • Micro USB Cable x